For Talent

Don’t worry, we send out the list of companies attending prior to the event, our team also screens through each attendee to make sure your employer isn’t attending.

No, although the event revolves around recruiting, it’s a chance for passive job seekers to explore what’s out there and network with other developers.

 A internet connection and a shirt is required but everything else is optional.

To ensure quality, our events are invite only and you likely received an invite from our waitlist or you were invited by someone on our technical sourcing team.

The event starts off with 15 minutes of opening statements and sponsor presentations followed by 2 hours of rapid interviews with companies.

This allows you to meet the most amount of companies in the least amount of time.

Every event is different but there is generally a mix of global and local companies. 

Company lists are finalized a few days before the event so will generally be sent out then. 

If you didn’t get an invitation, you can apply for an invite here. This won’t guarantee you a spot as we only accept about 20% of applicants. 

While every event is different, we generally don’t accept bootcamp and academy students, interns, or anyone with less than one year of experience based on the expectations from the companies we work with. 

For Employers

You’ll need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection to work. Our platform is compatible with all modern web browsers. 

Every event is slightly different but all of our events have approximately an hour of networking and 2 hours of rapid interviews which ensures you talk to as many candidates as possible.

It varies but we target between 80-100 developer registrations per event with at least a 50% attendance rate focusing on quality over quantity. 

We’re not a recruiting firm so we don’t charge a placement fee – just a flat event fee so we can focus on the events and community. Event pricing is published on the event page.

Yes, we offer regional sponsorships packages as well as global packages for larger companies. Get in touch here.

Private events are our most effective offering for employers where we craft and design an  exclusive event based on your needs. We’ve helped companies make as many as 13 hires in one event. Learn more here